How Your Business Can Benefit From A Wireless Network


The onset of the computer age made running a business a lot easier, but the advancements made in wireless technology have made it even better. In today's world of business, everyone has gone mobile to some degree. Many employers and their employees use a smartphone, a tablet or laptop computer for their work, making data more accessible without being tethered to a single computer and desk. If you have traditional wired computer networking in your office building, checking out the benefits of wireless networking is a good idea.

Fewer Chances of Employees Missing Meetings

Traditional wired networks make it possible for employees to join in meetings from their desks in various parts of your building. However, when some of your employees have a greater workload, staying at their desk and computer for an important meeting can make it harder to finish work in a timely manner if their workload requires going from one floor to another. With a wireless network, your employees can listen in on meetings and provide their input while moving around and doing other tasks. Most wireless networks adapt easily with Voice over Wireless LAN technology, making it simple for you or employees to have discussions while moving about the building.

Your Visiting Clients Can Get In On The Action

If you have important clients visiting your business for a conference, getting them set up to access a wired network can be time-consuming and limiting. With a wireless network, you and your clients can sit outside for a meeting or you can enjoy lunch in the break room together, all while having access to vital data that is pertinent to your business meeting. Making it easier and more comfortable for your clients is hugely beneficial to your profits.

Wireless Networking Makes Growing Your Business Easier

As your business grows, so does the number of people working for you. If you are using a traditional wired network, you will need to add wiring and cables for each new employee you add. More wiring and cables can cost more money and installation is generally time-consuming. With a wireless computer network, all you will need to do is show your new employee where his or desk or office is, a huge time-saving bonus that will save you a great deal of money over time.

Saving time in your business is one of the best ways to also save money. If you do not find ways to save money in your business, your profits will be smaller and it will directly impact your business growth. Keeping up with the latest advancement is technology is vital to remain successful in today's world of business and to stay one step ahead of your competition. For more information, talk to a professional like Advanced Business Systems.


10 December 2015

Updating Programs: How a Professional Can Help

About two years into my new business venture, it was obvious that the software I was using no longer met my needs. It still worked well enough, but my business was growing and I needed something with more features. That is where help from a local systems specialist made all the difference. After evaluating my operation, he was able to recommend new software that would work just fine on my network. Best of all, he handled the data transfer overnight. My team signed off the old software the night before and came in the next morning ready to work with the new program. If your business has outgrown the older software, get advice from a professional before buying anything. I'll tell you how going this route meant a seamless transition that allowed us to keep going without adversely affecting any of our customers.