Why You Should Use A Data Transfer Service For New Office Computers Vs. Doing It Yourself


If you have recently purchased new computers for your office, you may want to transfer all of the data from your old computers onto your new ones. For example, you might have client records, certain programs and applications, documents and more all on your old computers, and you may need to transfer them onto your new computers so that you can get to work without having to start from scratch. Of course, there are ways that you can do this yourself, but you may find that using a data transfer service is a much better idea. These are a few reasons why.

Save Time

For one thing, you probably want to put your new computers to work as soon as possible. If this is the case, then you might find it frustrating and time-consuming to transfer all of the files by yourself, which can take more time than you might realize. If you use a data transfer service, however, you can get the job done much more quickly. This means that you can save yourself a lot of time and irritation, and it also means that you can get your new computers up and running as soon as possible. This can help you avoid any slowdown in productivity in your office and can allow you to try out and enjoy your new computers right away.

Ensure All of the Files Make It

Another reason to consider using a data transfer service is so that you can ensure that all of your files and data make it from one computer to another. This can help you avoid a devastating loss of information or a frustrating ordeal of having to redo things later. Since one of these services knows how to get the job done, you can ensure that all of your files will be right there on your new computers, just like you need for them to be.

Focus on Security

Using a data transfer service can be much more secure. For one thing, you can ensure that your files are protected and handled sensitively and properly while they are being transferred, which is obviously important, particularly for certain types of files. Then, you can ask someone from the data transfer service about making sure that your old computers have been wiped clean. This can help you avoid what might otherwise turn out to be a devastating data breach when you dispose of your office's old computers.

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6 March 2018

Updating Programs: How a Professional Can Help

About two years into my new business venture, it was obvious that the software I was using no longer met my needs. It still worked well enough, but my business was growing and I needed something with more features. That is where help from a local systems specialist made all the difference. After evaluating my operation, he was able to recommend new software that would work just fine on my network. Best of all, he handled the data transfer overnight. My team signed off the old software the night before and came in the next morning ready to work with the new program. If your business has outgrown the older software, get advice from a professional before buying anything. I'll tell you how going this route meant a seamless transition that allowed us to keep going without adversely affecting any of our customers.