Is Your Managed IT Service Capable Of Protecting Against Internal Hacks?


Information technology systems repeatedly find themselves under the threat of attack. Companies relying on their networks for data storage and day-to-day operations can't afford a disastrous hack. So, they sign up with a managed IT service offering, in part, increased threat protections. Hiring an IT service capable of defending a network against multitudes of external attacks makes sense. So does hiring an IT service that puts effort into figuring out how to guard against threats coming from inside the company.

The Internal Threat Creating Disastrous Results

Persons not involved with information technology may assume current levels of IT security address all threats. Then, something breaks in the news that sends shivers up executives' spines. Consider the recent news about the Bithumb and Coincheck, two cryptocurrency exchanges that suffered alarming hacks. With Bitthumb, the hack turned out to be an inside job. The news about this hack should lead company executives to grill their IT services on internal protection measures. Things clients can inquire about include the following.

Reviewing Case Studies: Case studies remain commonplace in university classrooms for a reason. Looking over famous cases related to a particular topic paints a broad picture of an incident. The review provides much for serious professionals to contemplate. Is the IT company looking closely at recent highly publicized internal hacking cases? Doing so could reveal the reasons how and why an internal hack took place. Such information should provide insights on how to better shore up security in a network.

Examining Targeted Businesses: Few should be surprised at some companies targeted for hacks. Retail giants, for example, store credit card numbers. Cryptocurrency wallets hold virtual coins worth cash. When news emerges that hackers commence targeting other businesses and sectors, IT companies services client in those industries must respond accordingly. The response must include taking steps to be on higher alert when more and more internal threats appear to target an industry.

Focusing on the Human Element: Human beings create viruses and malware. They have their motivations for such behaviors. Determining the motives of a nebulous figure writing malicious programs at a mysterious location may prove difficult and unnecessary. When the threats are internal, knowing common and merging motivations could raise flags about potential troubles. Does the IT service provide profiles about potentially disgruntled employees likely to spearhead a hack?

Internal IT security threats cause executives to come to grips with betrayals in their corporate house. Take this as an unfortunate part of the business landscape. And work with a managed IT service capable of preventing and addressing internal hacks and other inside jobs.


3 April 2019

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