What Are The Next Managed IT Services Trends?


Managed IT solutions have been part of the business landscape for decades. Recent trends, however, are rapidly reshaping the relationships between businesses and their managed IT service providers. If your operation depends on managed information technology, it's important to keep an eye on these emerging trends.


Unsupervised and lightly supervised forms of automation are becoming more common. This approach can save significant money and free up labor to deal with other problems. Maximizing the value of automation, however, means working with managed IT professionals who are always on point. You need to be able to roll out solutions quickly, deal with upgrades effortlessly, and perform repairs without significant disruptions.

Cloud Processing Power

Businesses have been moving applications, storage, and other managed IT needs into the cloud for many years. The cloud is becoming an increasing source of a different asset: processing power. A corporate cloud is no longer a backup solution or even just a platform.

Companies rely on the cloud to handle massive calculations, and they also need the resources to be highly scalable. If a firm needs to run an analysis once a month for reporting purposes, for example, it wants to have as many CPUs and even GPUs on the tasks as possible. This allows companies to handle complex calculations within minutes that used to take days or weeks to produce.

The Internet of Things

Managed IT services extend beyond on-site and cloud infrastructure now. Numerous companies have IoT devices in the field to provide real-time data. An agribusiness may want up-to-the-minute data on temperature, humidity, and soil conditions at multiple locations throughout the country. The IoT devices that host in-the-field sensors and tools need to connect securely and quickly to both cloud and on-site resources. This means having APIs available on servers at all times to stream data to the necessary systems and people.

Infrastructure as a Service

The managed IT ecosystem is increasingly inseparable from a company's infrastructure. For example, networked systems now often rely on hosted solutions to provide massive connectivity across cities, countries, and even continents. These systems make it easier for team members at different offices, in the field, and at home to connect to files, resources, data streams, and other people.


With interconnectivity becoming the norm in managed IT, security has taken on even greater meaning than it already had. Managed IT services providers must use automated tools to monitor threats in real-time, respond, and produce reports.

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17 October 2022

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About two years into my new business venture, it was obvious that the software I was using no longer met my needs. It still worked well enough, but my business was growing and I needed something with more features. That is where help from a local systems specialist made all the difference. After evaluating my operation, he was able to recommend new software that would work just fine on my network. Best of all, he handled the data transfer overnight. My team signed off the old software the night before and came in the next morning ready to work with the new program. If your business has outgrown the older software, get advice from a professional before buying anything. I'll tell you how going this route meant a seamless transition that allowed us to keep going without adversely affecting any of our customers.