Want A Home Security Camera? 2 Types To Choose From


Having a security camera installed is a good choice as it provides you and your family with more security. You will find when it comes to security cameras there are different types you can choose from. Below is information about two of these types to help you make a decision. You can then hire a professional to install the security cameras for you. 

Wired or Wireless

The first thing to consider is if you want a wired security camera or a wireless one. They both come with their benefits. A wired security camera runs on electricity, so you may have a stronger signal. A wireless security camera runs on Wi-Fi, so you must have a strong Wi-Fi signal for the camera to work. A wireless security camera is easier to install because there are no wires to connect to electricity. 

Wired outdoor security cameras are wired to a recording device inside your home. The cameras generally are cylindrically shaped, which is why you will hear these cameras called bullet-style cameras. You can mount the camera on a ceiling or a wall depending on where the outlet is. You can also find these cameras that run on rechargeable batteries if you do not want to plug them in. 

Wireless outdoor security cameras are large cameras and resistant to rain and other weather elements. You need to install this security camera on a wall or some type of structure. It can be installed on your front porch, near a garage, or in other entry areas. Some wireless cameras also have a spotlight to scare people away from your home. 

Floodlight Security Cameras

Floodlight security cameras can be wireless and are large to produce a wide floodlight. The floodlight automatically comes on when the cameras turn on. This not only helps the video to be much clearer, but the bright light will also scare away anyone trying to get onto your property in many cases. Some floodlight security cameras are wired and can be connected to lighting wires you may already have installed. They can also be plugged into an outlet if you do not want wireless. 

Install a floodlight security camera near your front porch, near a side door, or next to your garage if the garage is connected or close to your home. Install more than one floodlight security camera to light up the entire yard if someone tries multiple areas to get into your home. 

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16 February 2023

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