How Your Business Can Benefit From A Wireless Network


The onset of the computer age made running a business a lot easier, but the advancements made in wireless technology have made it even better. In today's world of business, everyone has gone mobile to some degree. Many employers and their employees use a smartphone, a tablet or laptop computer for their work, making data more accessible without being tethered to a single computer and desk. If you have traditional wired computer networking in your office building, checking out the benefits of wireless networking is a good idea.

10 December 2015

Are Remote Tech Support Services Right For You?


Remote tech support services give you access to your own personal IT department at home. Whether you have issues with basic computer problems or you run complicated software that might cause your system to crash, you can use remote tech support services to get your system back online. Before you decide whether or not a subscription to this type of service is right for you, consider the following features of remote tech support.

2 December 2015

The Common Uses Of Asset Tags


When you run a company, there could be a number of reasons that you will need to use asset tags. There are a many uses for these tags that help with the control of company assets. Asset tags are what you place on merchandise and company accessories, which work as trackers. Here are some of the common reasons to use asset tags: Healthcare: Many healthcare facilities need to use asset tags to control medical equipment, supplies, and medications.

7 January 2015

How Physically Cleaning Your PC Can Solve Performance Issues


Do you think your PC needs a professional repair? It's always possible that it does, but there are a few things that you can remedy yourself. Many people suffer from what they think are unfixable issues on their computers. For instance, do any of these describe your PC? Slow performance Very slow startups or shutdowns Random crashes and PC instability These problems can occur simply because you have an overabundance of dust in your PC.

16 November 2014