4 Signs Your Data Recovery System Is Robust


Data is central to most organizations' operations in the modern world. Consequently, a robust data recovery plan is critical to the continuity of more operations. How can you tell if your setup is robust, though? These four indicators will tell you whether you have data recovery services that are robust. Ability to Distinguish Data You should be able to distinguish the different types of data in your system and their sources with little to no effort.

8 July 2022

How Businesses Get Managed IT Wrong


Many businesses use managed IT services to handle their servers, mobile devices, computers, and supporting infrastructures. However, some operations get the managed IT model wrong, and this can negatively affect the expected value of the investment. You should think about what others get wrong so your organization can maximize the benefits of the managed model. Here are four items to put on a checklist and examine. Pitting In-House Against Managed IT Solutions

6 April 2022